Claudia is a nature lover who has lived on the island for 20 years.  

She has been in the health and wellness industry since 1986.

In addition to taking care of the villa, the garden, all the flowers and her guests, she also hosts retreat events throughout the year.

Claudia is supported by her dad, who cares for the garden with love, and her brother Lino, the all-rounder for all cases.



... had the "idea" of the home office Madeira in January 2020 to escape the Corona Lockdown, which has matured more and more together with Claudia.

Figo takes care of the organization as the initiator, has a full-time agency for school trips and he knows and likes to share every secret spot in Madeira.

He organizes everything that needs to be organized and ensures that there is an opportunity to work in paradise.

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... is the good soul of the house and makes sure that nothing is missing in the house and that everyone is happy.  


You can't compete with her when it comes to drinking and Kiki has never been seen in a bad mood.


If there is poncha, Kiki is always around and Kiki's snacks are a must on our boat trips.


Lino & Fernando

Born in South Africa, Lino still carries his homeland in his heart and his passion for all things outdoors.


For our house, he is the all-rounder: talented with his hands and always ready to help.


Fernando is Claudia's father and our gardener and he takes care of the perfect garden with much passion and love.



Lotus, as an abandoned puppy, found refuge on Quinta do Cabeço Alto.


He quickly got used to everyday life on the property.  It wasn't long before he became the focus of attention.

In addition to his duties as the "mascot of the retreat" and guardian of the property, he also enjoys every moment with the guests in the garden.