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CoWorking + CoLiving on Madeira
"I met a lot of great people here and it felt like living in a cool shared apartment and at the same time taking a vacation with friends."
- Marek, 32 from Hamburg

"Feels like HOME (office)"
Vicky + Fabi, 34 from Koblenz

I have to honestly say that I have never been able to experience such a workation and can't wait to be back in just under 3 months.
- Paul, 28 from Berlin


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High speed

High speed fiber optic internet

Download 95.73 Mbps

Upload 80.53 Mbps

(As of 10/22/21)


CoLiving in a 400 square meter villa, huge 5000 square meter garden, 7 rooms, 4 bathrooms, large community area, sports room, game room ...


Large community area for co-working , separate co-working space, table and chair in every room - sufficient peace and quiet guaranteed, electricity and WiFi also in the garden + balcony


  joint activities such as boat tours, hiking, barbecues, ...

Outside nearly everything is possible. Sports: hiking, surfing, paragliding, canyoning, MTB, ...


All guests live together like in a shared apartment, in which everything should be relaxed and stress-free. Just like you imagine Workation.



We are not a German community, of course, this is an international one. We have received many German language reviews so far. Please do not be confused by this. We are looking forward to your visit  :-)

Where are we?


Our family-run estate lies on a breathtaking, 4500 m2 landscaped garden in Santo da Serra in the middle of nature.

The Estate



Coliving doesn’t mean giving up your personal space.


You can work from your private room desk or choose from various working spots indoors and outdoors. We have both cozy nooks and big spaces around the estate.

There is an excellent Wifi signal in the garden, and you can plug in your devices on the balcony and terrace. 

If you fancy working around your housemates, there is a space with two large tables and fourteen chairs.

We have you covered for important work calls and deep work too: You can use our separé for an undisturbed flow.


Work out and relax


Staying with us gives you full access to our beautiful palm garden, fitted with a plunge pool and sun lounges so you can relax whenever you like. 


If you prefer to stay active, we got you! 

We have an indoor sports room with dumbbells, ribbons, rollers, mats, and a monitor. 

You can play table tennis, or jump around on a trampoline in the garden while listening to your favorite music.



In the villa, all guests live together like in a shared paradise.Living together as a group is not an all-inclusive fun trip, but rather the attempt to experience a nice and exciting time together and, as a result, requires a certain willingness to integrate into the group structure.

This includes that common expenses (purchases) can be shared, we cook together, everyone is jointly responsible for cleanliness and everything should be relaxed and stress-free - like living together with friends (who you don't know yet). Here once again: Everything can, nothing has to be done. All guests are simply looking forward to a cool, relaxed, eventful time together.

Poncha Bar Abend
Group out in Sao Jorge
One of our hiking tours
sunset tour mit der CoWorking Crew
Auch Geburtstage können wir....
Ponta de Sao Lourenco
GameRoom @Homeoffice_Madeira
CoWorking + CoLiving ... Bergtour unserer Crew
CoWorking und CoLiving auf Madeira. Feierabendbier an der Ostspitze
Digitalnomads Madeira Sightseeing der Crew vom Homeoffice Madeira: CoLiving + CoWorking


We have a large common room with 14 chairs and 2 large tables. The balcony and terrace are equipped with electricity. There is a good WiFi signal in the garden and each room has its own desk. There is also another, separate work space that can be used for important calls, etc.


Feels like Home

"I met a lot of great people here and it felt like living in a cool shared apartment and at the same time taking a vacation with friends."


- Marek, 32 from Hamburg


Our villa and huge garden is located 15 minutes from FNC Madeira Airport in Santo da Serra, 9100-249 Santa Cruz, Madeira Island.

The easiest way to get here is by taxi. (15 €)


We have rental cars that are shared by everyone if necessary. So far, 99% of guests have made use of it. So even without a driver's license you don't have to worry, as drivers were always found in the house...


Call us!

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request a video call ..

We are always available for questions.


What is workation? CoWorking + CoLiving?

It often makes little or no difference whether a software developer, marketing employee, project employee, podcaster, accountant, requirements analyst, business coach, ... works in the home office 10 km from the company location or 2,500 km away on a beautiful island in the home office Madeira.

A workation is literally translated as a working vacation. It's a combination of work and vacation, where you work while you're away from the office, mixing free time with productive time. That definition gets it pretty well: "A workation is a vacation that allows you to work remotely while incorporating elements of leisure time that allow you to relax and be more productive."

Vacation from your office, not from work
You realize it's a little vague. But there really is an official definition. The main idea is to take a vacation away from your office, but not from work itself. It has already been introduced in many companies in the US and Europe that focus on employee wellbeing and alternative ways of increasing long-term productivity.

Work similar to home office - the beach instead of the living room
Workations are becoming increasingly popular right now, not only because of cultural change, but also because of the technology that makes it possible. Laptops, collaboration tools, project management software, messaging and teleconferencing platforms and all kinds of time recording devices that support remote work. Due to Corona, more and more people are working from home. Workation is like working from home, only not from home, but from a vacation spot.


ADDRESS: Caminho do Cabeço Alto, Ribeira João Gonçalves Santo Antonio da Serra, 9100-249 Santa Cruz, Madeira Island

TEL .: +49 (0) 152 299 49 766


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