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On land, in the air and in the water - alternative leisure activities in Madeira

Would you like to discover the diverse natural beauty of Madeira in a special and unforgettable way? In addition to the countless kilometers of unique hiking trails and fascinating viewpoints, we now present special activities on land, in the water and in the air, which will make your stay on the island an unforgettable experience and are not for 08/15-touis and bores. Let's goooo....

Canyoning Canyoning is the walking through a canyon from top to bottom in the most different variations. By rappelling, climbing, jumping, sliding, swimming and sometimes even diving, one gets through the gorges of Madeira with suitable equipment. Madeira, due to its volcanic origin, offers a variety of bizarre and steep gorges and waterfalls. Depending on personal skills, there are different levels, varying in difficulty and length of the tour. A beginner course lasts about 3 hours. But be careful: this is -especially in the winter months- not for frostbite! ;)

Exemplary provider: EPIC Madeira (

Paragliding Paragliding or paragliding refers to paragliding with a paraglider. The different cliffs and microclimates offer not only the most spectacular views of mountains and ocean, but also the best conditions for flying.

Exemplary provider: Madeira Paragliding (

Diving Thanks to the nearby Gulf Stream, the sheltered location and the huge abundance of fish on the coast of Madeira, it represents an ideal place for divers, freedivers and snorkelers around the beauties of the Atlantic underwater world.

Exemplary provider: Azul Diving Center Madeira (


Mountain Bike Tours Mountain biking through the most diverse landscapes - for example along levadas and jungle trails paired with an incredible mountain panorama. Madeira's highest mountains make it possible to ride downhill over 1800 meters of altitude from the summit to the ocean.

Exemplary provider: Loko Loko Madeira (


Climbing Madeira Island is a true paradise for climbing lovers and has many climbing areas for every level of difficulty. The most popular climbing areas are the central mountains, the cliffs and some rock faces in the north of the island.

Sample provider: Madeira Climbing Center (


Surfing Madeira is not only reminiscent of Hawaii because of its cliffs, mountains and vegetation - the comparison also holds up when it comes to surfing, as the island catches just about every swell from the Atlantic! Especially from October to March you can surf big waves on Madeira, because the swell comes predominantly from the north or northwest. From a big swell of 2 meters even the point breaks start to break. Depending on your skills Madeira has the right surf region for you. Convince yourself!

Exemplary provider: Madeira Surf Camp (


Coasteering A very special way to feel the impressive landscape and the power of the sea.

Coasteering is the movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coast on foot or swimming, without the help of boats, surfboards or other watercraft. Coasteering allows a person to move in the "impact zone" between a body of water and the shoreline where waves, tides, wind, rocks, cliffs, canyons and caves meet.


"Off the beaten path"- hikes In addition to the many recreational opportunities on the island, Madeira is of course known worldwide for hiking. If you don't feel like walking the typical tourist hikes that are in every guidebook with (at least 100) other tourists, then an "off the beaten path" hike is probably just the thing for you! Across narrow mountain grades, along old coastal paths or cross-country through the jungle - adventure more is not possible. Individually tailored to you, it will be THE highlight of your stay in Madeira, guaranteed.

Sample/Best provider: Madeira Hiking (Instagram: @madeira_hiking)

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