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Madeira: The ultimate destination for workation and coliving + coworking

Discover Madeira, an island that has become synonymous with the perfect workstation. Homeoffice Madeira and Coliving Santana are at the center of this movement and offer an incomparable combination of productive coworking and fun-loving coliving.

Preparation for your workation in Madeira

“I don't even know where to start... thank you very much for this indescribable time!" enthuses Paul Bauer, a digital nomad who has experienced the harmonious balance between work and island life while working from home in Madeira. This coliving paradise not only offers high-speed internet and breathtaking views, but also a true community that redefines work-life integration.

The working environment in Madeira

Madeira sits as the jewel of the Atlantic, a hotspot for remote workers that enables seamless working with its high-speed fiber optic internet and flexible workspaces in Homeoffice Madeira's Coliving Villa. “The villa and the facilities are ideal for living and working,” reports Marieke, a freelance designer.

Discover the advantages of Madeira

“The diversity of the island seems to have no limits,” says Paul Bauer. Madeira offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration with its green gorges, scenic hiking trails and hidden lava pools, which are among the highlights of every workation.

Experience reports and ratings

Ronny from Berlin confirms that the decision to work from home in Madeira was one of the best he has ever made. Karli Kannel describes his experience as “absolutely delightful.” and emphasizes that special care and concern for the community are at the true heart of the coliving experience.

Practical tips and advice for your workation

Lisa Banh highlights the attention to detail at Homeoffice Madeira: “Everything is carefully considered, which made my stay incredibly comfortable and stress-free.” Guests are encouraged to live life to the fullest, whether while working at home equipped garden or while relaxing in the company of the friendly house dog.


A workation in Madeira, whether in the home office Madeira< /u> or Coliving Santana, is more as just a temporary place of work; it is an experience that will enrich your lifestyle and revolutionize the way you work.

Additional resources

Visit Homeoffice Madeira and Coliving Santana to learn more about these unique workation paradises and plan your next trip.

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