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Workation Madeira - Homeoffice und Coliving auf Madeira - Preise

Workation Madeira: Your Ticket to the CoWorking Paradise

Hey you! Yes, you, dreaming of a workplace filled with the sound of the ocean and basking in the sunlight. Let's get down to brass tacks: Workation in Madeira is not just some passing trend, it's a lifestyle – and we at Homeoffice Madeira have the perfect recipe for it!

Cool Prices, Hot Workation

Forget about those 700€ rental cars (as of August 2023, Check24, Madeira car rentals) you'd pay elsewhere.

At Homeoffice Madeira, you can chip in just 70€ a week for a car and go exploring with the house crew. For 450€ a week, you get a luxury room that not only makes your heart skip a beat but also boosts your creativity.

More Than Just a Room

And the best part? You're not just a guest; you're part of the family. Here at Homeoffice Madeira, we all live together – a colorful bunch enjoying island life to the fullest. We share cars, workspaces, and the best insider tips – all of that right in nature with an unbelievable view of the sea.

Person entspannt auf einer Terrasse mit Meerblick im Hängesessel, während sie den malerischen Sonnenaufgang über Madeira mit klarem Himmel und silhouettierten Inseln in der Ferne beobachtet.
Ein friedlicher Morgen im Homeoffice Madeira: Ein Gast genießt den atemberaubenden Sonnenaufgang von der Terrasse aus, umgeben von üppigen Palmen und mit Blick auf das weite Meer.

Community Spirit Included

By the way: for 250€ a week, you share a room with just one other person - the bunk bed room, or for 350€ a week, the shared room.

Loneliness has no place here. Why? Because we believe that living and working together advances us all. Plus or minus 15 years – that's our magical age range, ensuring a fresh breeze of ideas and exchange of experiences.

Workation Madeira – Your Place in the Sun

Let's be real, who wants to sit alone in a hotel room typing away when they could be part of an inspiring community in Madeira? Pack your stuff and join our workation family.

Grab more info at and experience how awesome working can really be!

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