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A visit to the local sugar cane factory Engenhos do Norte in Porto da Cruz

On the coast in the north of the island lies the beautiful little village of Porto da Cruz. Besides a nice little promenade, unique hiking trails and one of the best spots for surfing on the island, you will also find the sugar cane factory "Engenhos do Norte" (engl. Northern Sugar Factory).

In the 15th and 16th centuries, the island was the most famous sugar producer in the world, at a time when sugar was much more valuable than it is today. At that time, Europeans did not call it "white gold" for nothing. In addition to producing sugar from sugar cane, rum was also distilled here.

The sugar cane factory is one of the three oldest still in operation in Madeira. It was built in 1927 and still works with the machines that are about 100 years old, mainly powered by wood and steam pumps.

The factory produces different types and brands of rum, such as "Branca", "970 Reserva de 6 anos", "980" and "North". Branca is probably one of the most famous, since it is used to produce the regional poncha.

The distillery is open daily for visitors. The tour of the production processes as well as tastings and opportunities to purchase the homemade rum, which can always be a nice souvenir for loved ones at home, is always worth a visit. Especially when the weather is not as you would like. 😊


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