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The best time to travel to Madeira

Whoever plans a stay in our house or on the island will sooner or later be faced with an important question: When is the best time for my trip to madeira? We would like to help you with the decision making process… One thing we can say in advance: Madeira is worth a visit at any time ft he year!

The climate on the island of flowers is subtropically mild all year round, which means spring-like temperatures between 15-25°C. However, the weather on Madeira is clearly characterized by fluctuations. Due of the many mountains, there are different climatic conditions, in total there are more than 20 microclimate zones on the island, which do not really allow general weather statements about the island and bring many regional differences.

Despite the microclimate zones and high regional differences, one can say overriding that it is due of the location in the middle ft he ocean that sunshine and rain showers like to alternate. Thank God one can say, otherwise Madeira would not have this unique flora & fauna to offer, for which it is so well known. The weather in the south ft he island is more stable than in the north and in winter there are more „rainy days“ (often only showers) than in summer. Thus, the weather may be a decisive factor why in the south ft he island (Funchal, Ponta do Sol, Calheta, …) such a tourist strongholds, because here the weather on the island ft he most consistent. In our opinion, the northern part ft he island is much more impressive from a landscape point of view, especially with the ruggedness ft he combination ft he cliffs, the wild ocean and the more unpredictable weather.

Madeira is very popular with active vacationers, as the island offers countless kilometers of beautiful hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as many popular surfing and diving spots. In addition to these activities, which attract vacationers ft he island throughout the year, there are also various events throughout the year, which are absolute highlights on the island and in the lives of Madeirans.

We would like to introduce some of them to you…



The Carnival in Madeira, one of the largest street festivals in Europe, is reminiscent of the celebrations in Rio, only in a smaller version. The festival starts with a fantastic parade through Funchal, where the best samba groups and dance troupes of the island dance through the streets in stunning costumes. The festival continues over the weekend and ends on Shrove Tuesday with the fantastic Trapalhão parade - when the streets are packed with locals in fancy costumes.

Source: https://www.bild.dereise2019reisefulda-funchal-heidelberg-kennen-sie-diese-karnevals-hochburgen-60383602.bild.html


Flower Festival

The "Festa da Flor", the flower festival, officially welcomes spring with numerous events in all the small communities on the island. In Funchal, the festival is always traditionally held on the second weekend after Easter. However, throughout the month the small towns are painstakingly decorated with attention to detail and various small festivals take place, that a visit at this time of year is particularly worthwhile.

Source: httpst://endances-vacances.pierreetvacances.comevenementsfete-de-la-fleur-opa61

Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT)

MIUT (Madeira Island Ultra Trail) is a mountain race on the island. This event, which started in 2008 with only 141 adventurers, now has more than 2000 participants from more than 30 different nationalities, including some notorious names from the national and international trail scene. Along 115 km, from northwest to southeast, this unique and challenging experience starts at sea level in Porto Moniz, crossing the best trails and the highest peaks of the island, Pico Ruivo (1861 m) and Pico Areeiro (1818 m), and ends back at sea level, with the finish line in Machico. Not only a spectacle for the athletes, but also for the spectators along the way or at the finish line in Machico.

Source: https://tracedetrail.frentracetrace83073


Atlantic Festival - Fireworks Competition

The Atlantic Festival is a fantastic annual event that combines entertainment and culture. It consists of three components: the Madeira Music Festival, the International Fireworks Competition and performances by orchestras in the center of Funchal. On every Saturday of the month you can admire a wonderful fireworks display in Funchal.


São Vincente Festival (Festas do Concelho)

It is considered one of the best parties on the island.... Every year, thousands of partygoers of all ages flock to São Vincente to see and hear local, national and international bands and artists, dance the night away to local DJs and enjoy the haunting rhythms and melodies of folkloric groups.


ULTRA MADEIRA - Ponta do Pargo to Machico

Ultra Madeira is a race all over the island, organized by the "Associação de Atletismo da Madeira". This long, demanding race starts at the Ponta do Pargo lighthouse and finishes in Machico.


Christmas lights Madeira

Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations in Madeira offer a diverse program of cultural, folk and artistic events. The holidays begin in December. Then Madeira's streets light up into beautifully decorated streets, inviting you to take long walks in the evening hours.

New Year's Eve fireworks show in Funchal

New Year's Eve is celebrated hugely all over the island. The highlight of the New Year's Eve festivities is the spectacular fireworks show in Funchal harbor - ignited in about 50 locations - that lights up the sky for about 10-15 minutes. It is a truly unforgettable event that attracts a large number of visitors to the island every year.

Source: https://www.visitmadeira.comde-demadeira10-grunden-um-madeira-zu-besuchenfeuerwerk-eine-der-grosten-pyrotechnischen-veranstaltungen-der-welt

Thus, it can be summarized that Madeira, due to the location in the ocean, which is under the constant influence of the Gulf Stream, has a subtropical climate with mild temperatures throughout the year. In the winter months there are only more "rainy days", which are mostly just showers, than in the summer. Thus, you don't really have to look at the season if you plan to come to the island! 😊


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