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Madeiras most worth seeing and most beautiful waterfalls

Do you know that captivating and roaring sound when several tons of water fall down a mountain in a matter of seconds? If you fancy these goose bumps moments and unforgettable impressions, then you should definitely read on. Here we tell you one of the best and most impressive waterfall spots on Madeira. Even those that aren't in any travel guides...


Cascata dos Anjos

The well-known Cascata dos Anjos waterfall, which rushes along the old coastal road in Ponta do Sol and is great for photo ops and free car washes, is always worth a visit. A visit is particularly worthwhile in the evening hours, when the sun sets in the adjacent ocean and gives the waterfall a very special glow. Pack your bathing suit and who dares to walk down first?

Cascata da Garganta Funda

The Cascata da Garganta Funda waterfall is one of the highest (approx. 140 m high) and most spectacular waterfalls in Madeira. It is located in the municipality of Calheta, more precisely in Ponta do Pargo. The name Cascata da Garganta Funda translates as "deep throat", which says it all. To get to this waterfall, you have to park your car on the road and walk along a small path for about 5 minutes to enjoy this spectacular view, with the waterfall on one side and the expanse of the sea on the other.

Waterfalls Levada das 25 Fontes

As the name suggests, the goal of this hike is a large waterfall, where small waterfalls also splash into the waterfall lake on page "25". But don't expect 25 "big" waterfalls here. It's also worth doing the tour either early in the morning or later in the evening as these hikes from Rabacal along the levadas are well developed and easily walkable, drawing huge crowds of tourists at peak times.

Risco waterfall

The Risco waterfall is a particular highlight in the Levada das 25 Fontes area and in the Laurisilva laurel forest, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1999. Here he falls about 100 meters down a smooth rock face. A special experience because you get relatively close to the waterfall. In the past, you could even walk a small extra path that runs behind the waterfall. Unfortunately, this path is closed today because it is no longer maintained and maintained, making it extremely dangerous to walk on it.

Veu da Noiva

The Véu da Noiva waterfall is on the north side of the island, between the two towns of Sao Vicente and Seixal, and falls straight into the water from a cliff. This place is an absolute symbol of Madeira - the combination of the turquoise sea, the steep and rugged cliffs, the lush green of the wooded mountain slopes and the waterfall falling into the water is unique. Véu da Noiva is best viewed from the Miradouro do Véu da Noiva viewpoint.

Would you like to discover secret waterfalls together?

Due to the humid vegetation, Madeira has an incredible number of waterfalls, but most of them are well hidden and secret. It is therefore worth getting tips from local guides or booking tours with them. They can show you the island from a completely different side. Especially depending on the season, there are always different waterfall spots on the island, which are always fascinating and unique. An example of this is the Poço das Pulgas waterfall, which can only be reached by crossing beautiful forests away from the signposts. On the way you will pass other beautiful waterfalls where you will definitely be the only ones.

If you are interested in getting to know the island from a local perspective, far away from the “25 Fontes” (😉), then check out @madeira_mit_freunden on Instagram and get in touch. Secret hikes and impressions that you will never forget - promised.


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