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Off The Beaten Path Hike – Pico do Alto Hike in Boaventura

The circular hike on the ridge of Pico do Altos in the village of Boaventura on the north coast of Madeira is one of the most exciting and spectacular hikes on the island and has it all. This tour was created by locals who were looking for a way to climb this ridge.

On this hike you definitely have to be free of vertigo, as you have to overcome countless steep and unsecured places to enjoy the unique view, with Sao Jorge on one side and Boaventura on the other, in combination with the vastness of the sea and the mountains. It is clearly one of the best views we have ever seen in Madeira! The beauty of the beautiful place, the valley and the incredible backdrop of the mountains - even Seixal and Porto Moniz could be seen in the distance.

The hike is about 10 km long in total, which should not be underestimated. To be on the safe side, 4-7 hours should be calculated here, because about 500 meters of altitude (ascent and descent therefore in total about 1000 m) must be overcome on muddy paths, along large stones and without any signposts or safety devices - this often means: concentration and a long breath! For adventurers this is a guaranteed highlight. After you have fought your way through the dense paths for a few kilometers, the super beautiful and unknown viewpoint Miradouro das Voltas suddenly appears. Here, in good weather, you have a panoramic view over the entire mountain range, Boaventura and the coast all the way to Porto Moniz - absolutely impressive! Once here, the climb for this hike is done, it goes almost only through the forest, along the Levada das Faias, downhill. Especially on the descent, a whole new view of the Boaventura Valley opens up with the mountain panorama in the background.

But beware, do not do this hike alone and without a local guide!

Since the path is so secret and can be really dangerous in parts, it is absolutely (!) to complete this hike with an experienced person. If you are not staying with us or participating in one of our hiking weeks, contact João directly, a local who knows the craziest and most spectacular hikes in Madeira (contact:

You want to process the impressions after the hike and regain your strength? Then we can recommend you the beautiful viewpoint Miradouro de São Cristovão only 5 minutes away by car in Ponta Delgada. Here you have an incredible view of the north coast of the island and a restaurant where you can recharge your batteries.


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