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Santo Antonio da Serra - our home in Madeira

Santo Antonio da Serra (or Santo da Serra) is located in the northeast of the island about 600 m above sea level. It is not the typical island region that usually attracts tourists. Living in the middle of nature surrounded by eucalyptus tree forests, levadas, proximity to Pico Arieiro and locals makes it very special. It is absolutely not comparable to the typical "tourism" in the south of the island (Canical, Funchal, Ponta do Sol, Calheta, etc.). There is nothing of the hustle and bustle of the city up here. In addition, the overall location for access to the rest of the island is optimal: 20 min to the airport, 25 min to Funchal, 15 min to the top of Pico Arieiros and 15 min to the north coast - everything is easily and quickly accessible.

In Santo da Serra, compared to the rest of the island, the clocks run very relaxed and typically Portuguese. The relaxed and laid-back atmosphere as well as the Portuguese lifestyle are immediately evident here on the streets. Local bars and restaurants as well as small supermarkets decelerate the daily routine. The community is internationally known for its golf course, which offers a unique sporting experience with views over the ocean, east of the island, Porto Santo and Ilas Desertas (

The village is relatively large in area and thus not tightly built, the entire village seems equalized so that no neighbor can look into your garden or onto your dinner table. The spacious property of Homeoffice Madeira offers one the possibility to quickly leave behind the narrowness and hecticness that one accepts as normal and everyday in "normal life" and to come to rest and relax fully.

Daily village life is turned upside down every Sunday - then it's market time and all of Madeira makes its way to Santo da Serra to buy the freshest fruits & vegetables, local plants and the most delicious bolo do caco, as well as drink the most delicious homemade poncha. Locals offer homegrown or made products at countless stalls in the streets and marketplace that you have not seen or tasted before on the island.

Since Sundays are a classic family day in Portugal, many locals combine their weekly visit to the market with a trip to the village park - the Quinto do Santo da Serra. It was laid out at the end of the 19th century in the English colonial style and can be visited daily. Besides the countless different native plant species and a breathtaking viewpoint, various recreational sports activities and an integrated small animal exhibit (peacocks, deer, horses, etc.) invite families in particular, guaranteeing pleasant hours and making children's hearts beat faster. Inside the park is the Forestry Center, which informs and educates about Madeira's forests and with regard to the enhancement and conservation of existing forest resources since the discovery of the island until today.

So grab your loved ones and off you go to Santo da Serra to spend a relaxing and delicious Sunday!

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